By: Jemima Jarman

The Robert Silver Essay Prize

The University of Cambridge have announced the launch of a new historical essay prize in memory of the late Robert Silver (History Scholar, Trinity College 1974-7) for an essay on a subject related to the impact of British Jewry on twentieth century Britain.

Essays should be no more than 8,000 words (including, where applicable, footnotes). In addition, submissions should include a summary version of 500 words. The winner will receive £1,000.

The intention behind the Prize is to encourage young historians in their studies or research, and to promote research on one of Robert’s favourite subjects, the impact of British Jewry on twentieth century Britain.

The prize will be open to UK citizensunder 30, or those of any nationality registered as an undergraduate or postgraduate student at a UK university. It is hoped to attract submissions from undergraduate and postgraduate students, young academics, journalists and writers based in the UK. A shortened version of the winning essay will be published in The Jewish Chronicle.

The deadline for submissions is 23 April 2021. The winner will be announced before the end of the academic year. Please submit your essays to [email protected].


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