List of British Jewish Firsts since Readmission

January, 1667 Witness could swear on Old Testament Robeley v. Langston
23rd June, 1700 Knight Solomon de Medina
27th June, 1723 Fellow of the Royal Society Isaac de Sequera Samuda.
16 December 1732 Stage Performer Hanna Norsa played Polly Peachum in the Beggars Opera at Covent Garden
1739 Physician Jacob de Castro Sormento
1746 Playwright Moses Mendez’s The Double Disappointment
13 February, 1770 Solicitor Joseph Abrahams was admitted as a solicitor
1779 University Graduate Joseph Hart Myers graduated in medicine at University of Edinburgh
6 May 1784 Sentenced to transportation to Australia Joseph Levy
1792 Boxing Champion Daniel Mendoza became boxing champion of England.
1824 Actuary Benjamin Gompertz
31st January, 1833 Barrister Francis Henry Goldsmid
1835 Municipal Office Phineas Levy in Devonport
17th November, 1835 Juryman A Jewish juryman was sworn in on the Old Testament.
6th February, 1832 First Undergraduate at an Anglican University Nathan Lazarus Benmohel went up to Trinity College, Dublin. He graduated in 1836
1837 Magistrate David Salomons
1840 Royal Academician Solomon Alexander Hart
1841 Hereditary Title Isaac Lyon Goldsmid was created a Baronet
1855 Lord Mayor of London David Salomons
1857 Provincial Mayor J L Levy in Rochester
March, 1858 ‘Blue’ Archibald Levin Smith rowed for Cambridge against Oxford
26th July, 1858 Member of Parliament Lionel Rothschild
1858 Queeen’s Council Francis Henry Goldsmid
1858 Judge Sir John Simon was appointed a County Court Judge
1860 Fish and Chips Shop Joseph Malin opened the first Fish and Chips shop in Britain.
1866 World Chess Champion William Steinitz became world chess champion, a position he held until 1894
1869 Senior Wrangler Numa Hartog was admitted to his degree without having to take the usual oath
June, 1871 The Derby Favonius owned by Baron Meyer Anschell de Rothschild won the Derby
1871 Minister of the Crown Sir George Jessel was appointed Solicitor-General
1873 Privy Councillor Sir George Jessel
1883 Professor at Oxbridge James Joseph Sylvester appointed to the Savilian Chair of Geometry at Oxford
29th June, 1885 Peer Nathaniel Mayer de Rothschild made a Baron
1891 Weightlifting Champion Edward Lawrence Levy was the First English and World Weightlifting Champion
1901 Coroner George Alexander Cohen for Middlesex
1902 International Rugby Cap John E Raphael represented England nine times between 1902 and 1906
20th March, 1909 Recorder A M Langdon for Burnley
1909 Cabinet Minister Herbert Samuel
1912 Olympic Gold Medal Davis Jacobs was a member of the winning 4x100m. squad.
1913 Lord Chief Justice Rufus Isaacs
24th November, 1914 Victoria Cross (VC) Lt. Frank Alexander de Pass
31st August, 1915 World Boxing Champion Ted ‘Kid’ Lewis won the world welterweight championship
1920 High Commissioner for Palestine Herbert Samuel
1921 Viceroy of India Rufus Isaacs
1922 English Table Tennis Champion M Cohen
1922 Labour member of Parliament Emanuel Shinwell
1924 Individual Olympic Gold Harold Abrahams won the 100 metres at the Olympic games in Paris
1928 Winner of Le Mans Woolf Barnato won the 24 hour race
1929 Female member of Parliament Dr Marion Phillips
1930 Order of Merit Samuel Alexander
1932 Fellow of All Souls, Oxford Isaiah Berlin.
1933 World amateur Billiards champion Sydney Lee
1940 Academy Award (Oscar) Vincent Korda for Best Art Director
1943 Companion of Honour Joseph Herman Hertz (Chief Rabbi)
1945 Nobel Prize Ernst Chain shared Nobel Prize for Medicine. Chain was born in Germany but had lived and worked in Britain since 1933 and was naturalised. The first British born Jew to win the Nobel prize was Brian D Josephson who won the prize in Physics in 1973
1951 Life Peer Lionel Leonard Cohen
1952 Test Cricket for England Freddie Trueman played his first test for England on 5 June 1952. It was not known until the 1990s that his mother’s mother was Jewish and thus he was halachically Jewish. He became very proud of this.
1954 European Women’s Driving Champion Sheila Van Damm
15 July 1955 Top of the Pops (popular music) Alma Cogan with Dreamboat
1956 Wimbledon Champion Angela Buxton won the mixed doubles
1956 Female Recorder Rose Heilbron
1970 Booker Prize Bernice Rubens for The Elected Member
1974 Female High Court Judge Rose Heilbron
6 November 2003 Leader of the Opposition (Conservative) Michael Howard
25 September 2010 Leader of the Opposition (Labour) Ed Milliband

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