JHSE Papers

Contents of Transactions and Miscellanies of The Jewish Historical Society of England Volumes I to XXVIII are under the title The Jewish Historical Society of England – Transactions. From Volume XXIX the title is Jewish Historical Studies. Transactions of The Jewish Historical Society of England.There are separate volumes of Miscellanies I-VI published in 1925, 1935, 1937, 1942, 1948, and 1962. From Volume XXII Miscellanies are contained within the Volumes.

Volume Year Description
1 1893/4 Inaugural Address: A plea for Anglo-Jewish history (L. Wolf). Hebrew Elegy (S. Schlechter). Domus Conversorum (C.T. Martin). Homage to Menasseh ben Israel (H. Adler). Crypto-Jews under the Commonwealth (L. Wolf). Little St Hugh of Lincoln (J. Jacobs). Debts and houses of Jews of Hereford, 1290 (B.L. Abrahams).
2 1894/5 Some Anglo-Jewish song writers (F.L. Cohen). Hebrew melody in the concert room (F.L. Cohen). First English Jew: Notes on Antonio Fernandez Carvajal (L. Wolf). Ibn Ezra in England (M. Friedlander). Condition of the Jews in England at the time of their expulsion, 1290 (B.L. Abrahams). Ramble in East Anglia (H. Gollancz). Hebrew elegies on English monarchs (E.N. Adler). Paul of Burgos in London (I. Abrahams). Anglo-Jewish Coats of Arms (L. Wolf). Gascon Rolls (C.T. Martin).
3 1896/8 Survey of Anglo-Jewish history (H. Adler). Moyse Hall, Bury St Edmunds (F. Haes). Further paper on Moyse Hall (H. Gollancz). Report of Sub-Committee on Moyse Hall (C.T. Martin, B.L. Abrahams, A.I. Myers). Jewish liturgy in England (S. Singer). American elements in the Re-Settlement (L. Wolf). Cromwell’s toleration (F. Harrison). Rabbi Zevi Ashkenazi and family in London (D. Kaufman). Typical character of Anglo-Jewish history (J. Jacobs). Menasseh ben Israel’s study in London (L. Wolf). Bishop Barlow on ‘Case of the Jews’ (S. Levy). Aaron of Lincoln (J. Jacobs and S. Levy). Lincoln, 1898 (F. Haes). Documents relating to history of Jews in 13th century (C.T. Martin).
4 1899/1901 Nation or religious community? (C.G. Montefiore). History of ‘Domus Conversorum’ 1290-1891 (M. Adler). John Dury and English Jewry (S. Levy). Joachim Gaunse (I. Abrahams). Earliest Jewish prayers for the Sovereign (S. Singer). Sir I.L. Goldsmid and the admission of Jews to Parliament (L. Abrahams). Status of Jews in England after the Re-Settlement (L. Wolf). Historical Notes, 1648-1680 (C.H. Firth). Extracts from Close Rolls, 1279-1288 (Ada Corcos). The Canterbury Synagogue (F. Haes). The Jewish Monarch and Queen Elizabeth (I. Abrahams). The Jews of Amsterdam, 1655 (E.N. Adler). Clifford’s Tower, York (F. Haes).
5 1902/5 The wanderings of the Jews (F.D. Mocatta). Jewry of the Restoration, 1660-1664 (L. Wolf). Notes on Leicester Jewry (S. Levy). Sir I. Spielmann’s Presidential Address and its Sequel. Jews and coronations (S. Singer). The Lost Tribes and the return of the Jews to England (A.M. Hymanson). The Baal Shem of London (H. Adler). A letter of Menasseh ben Israel (E.N. Adler). A note on the Bodleian Bowl (I. Abrahams). Science of Jewish History (I. Abrahams). The Disraeli Family (L. Wolf). Calendars of Coaching Days (M. Myers). Jews of Ireland: An Historical Sketch (L. Huhner). Norwich Day-Book (S. Levy). Whitehall Conference: 250th Anniversary. The American Celebration.
6 1908/10 Anglo-Jewish historiography (S. Levy). King Alfred and Mosaic Law (F. Lieberman). So-called conspiracy of Dr.Ruy Lopez (M. Hume). Anglo-Judaica (H. Gollancz). Jubilee of political emancipation: Commemoration Dinner, 1908. Jewish Congregation of Portsmouth, 1766-1842 (I.S. Meisels). An English voice on the emancipation of Jews (H. Hirschfeld). Some debts the world owes to Spanish Jews (M. Hume). Jew Bill of 1753 (A.M. Hymanson). Contribution to history of Re-admission of Jews (H. Gollancz). Satirical and Political Prints on Jews’ Naturalisation Bill, 1753 (I. Solomons). Supposed Jewish conspiracy in 1753 (S. Levy). MS. sidelights on Anglo-Jewish emancipation (M. Myers). Note on some Anglo-Jewish Law cases (A.M. Friedenberg). Text of Mr Robert Grant’s Bill, 1830 (I. Abrahams). ‘The Deacon and The Jewess’ (F.W. Maitland, with prefatory note by I. Abrahams). ‘Josippon’ in England (L. Wolf).
7 1911/14 Presidential Address (S.A. Hirsch). Jews of Canterbury (M. Adler). Crypto-Jews in the Canaries (L. Wolf). A Dutch burial-ground and its English connections (I. Harris). Richard Cumberland Centenary Memorial Paper (L. Zangwill). Jewish Pioneers of South Africa (S. Mendelssohn). Origin of The Jewish Historical Society of England (L. Wolf). Lord George Gordon’s conversion to Judaism (I. Solomons). Jacob Kimchi and Shalom Buzaglo (C. Duschinsky). Presidential Address (Haham Dr.M. Gaster).
8 1915/17 Hebrew treasures of England (E.N. Adler). Records of Exchequer receipts from English Jewry (H. Jenkinson). Can a Jew be Lord Chancellor of England? (H.S.Q. Henriques). Purchase of Hebrew books by English Parliament 1647 (I. Abrahams and C.E. Sayle). Records of Jewish MSS and documents before the expulsion (H.P. Stokes). Isaac Abendana’s Cambridge Mishnah and Oxford Calendars (I. Abrahams). Notes on contemporary references to Dr Falk in Rainsford MSS at British Museum (G.P.G. Hills). Dr Joseph Jacobs: Memorial Meeting, addresses by Dr Stokes, Israel Zangwill, and Lucien Wolf. Relationship between Jews and the royal family in 13th Century (H.P. Stokes). Economic and Financial Position of Jews in Medieval England (Sir L. Abrahams)
9 1918/20 The Peace Banquet. Proposals for, and special taxation of Jews after the Revolution (H.S.Q. Henriques). Legal Position of Jews in pre-Expulsion England (C.M. Picciotto). Ephraim Luzzatto (Mrs.R.N. Salaman). Hebrew loyalty under the first four Georges (I. Abrahams). Reflections on the history of the Anglo-Jewish community (H.S.Q. Henriques). Perkin Warbeck and his Jewish master (C. Roth). Racial origins of Jewish types (R.N. Salaman). Some medieval Notes (H. Jenkinson). Tallies and Receipt Rolls (H. Jenkinson).
10 1921/23 First London Synagogue of the re-settlement (W.S. Samuel and M.N. Castello). First pastoral tour to Jewish communities of British overseas Dominions (Chief Rabbi Dr.J.H. Hertz). A 13th century Jewish Family in Oxford. (Rev Canon H.P. Stokes). The Jewish Question in Anglo-Swiss diplomacy (M. Lipton).Note on Isaac Abendana (I. Abrahams). Historical association of ancient burial-ground of Sephardi Jews (D.Bueno de Mesquita). Menasseh ben Israel’s Marriage Banns (S. Levy). First Record of Hebra Guemilut Hasadim, London 1678 (I.D. Barnett).
11 1924/7 Jews in Elizabethan England (L. Wolf). Jewish aid to marry, 1221 (Miss H.M. Chew). New light on the Re-settlement (C. Roth) Jewish cemetery at Ballybough, Dublin (B. Shillman, with postcript by L.Wolf). Amy Levy (Miss B.Z. Lask). Francis Francia – Jacobite Jew (M. Lipton, with postscript by L. Wolf). Leone da Modena and England (C. Roth). Nina Salaman (1877-1925) (H.M. Loewe). Sir Isidore Spielmannn (1854-1925) (E. Levine). I.A. (1858-1925) (C.G. Montefiore). H.S.Q. Henriques K.C., (1866-1925) (L. Wolf). Israel Zangwill, (1864-1926) (L. Wolf).
12 1928/31 David Nieto and his contemporaries (I. Solomons). New material for literary history of pre-Expulsion English Jews (A.Marmorstein). Jews of Bristol in pre-Expulsion Days (M. Adler). Jews of Malta (C.Roth). Looking Backward – Looking Forward (G. Tuck). Sir Hermann Gollancz (1852-1930) (H. Loewe). Canon H.P. Stokes (1849-1931) (H. Loewe).
13 1932/35 Review of the Jewish colonists in Barbados, 1680 (W.S. Samuel). Aaron of York (M. Adler). The Portsmouth community and its historical background (C. Roth). Battle for the Sabbath at Geneva (Chief Rabbi Dr.J.H. Hertz). Nathaniel Isaacs of Natal (S.A. Rochlin). Kitty Villareal, the Da Costas and Samson Gideon (M.J. Landa). Oxford Jewry in the 13th century (Miss S. Cohen). 18th century English Jewry through foreign eyes 1730-1830 (J. Rumney). Trust Deed of Gustave Tuck Theatre.
14 1935/39 Challenge to Jewish history (C. Roth). Sir William Davidson, Royalist (1616-1689), and the Jews (W.S. Samuel). Plea for genealogical and historiographical section of The Jewish Historical Society of England (B.B. Benas). Early Anglo-Jewish artists (A. Rubens). Literary connections between Abravanel and England (L. Rabinowitz). Testimony of London Jewry against ministers of Henry III (M. Adler). Pre-Expulsion England in the Responsa (I. Epstein). Eliakim ben Abraham (Jacob Hart): an 18th century Anglo-Jewish scholar (A. Barnett and S. Brodetsky). The brothers Goldsmid and the financing of the Napoleonic Wars (P.H. Emden). The Memorial Addresses in Honour of Past Presidents: Moses Gaster (C. Roth); Claude Goldsmid Montefiore (V.G. Simmons).
15 1939/45 Jews in the defence of Britain (C. Roth)
Elijah of London (C. Roth)
An early Stuart Judaising sect (H.E.I. Phillips)
Daniel Mendoza (L. Edwards)
Anglo-Jewish causes celebres (N. Bentwich)
Stanislaus Hoga – apostate and penitent (Mrs Beth-Zion L. Abrahams)
18th century Northampton Jewry and its cemetery (A.J. Collins)
The Jubilee Meeting. Memorial Addresses in Honour of Past Presidents: Gustave Tuck (E. Levene); Michael Adler (A. Barnett); Philip Guedalla (C. Roth)
16 1945/51 War and Jewish history (A.M. Hyamson)
Levi Barent Cohen and some of his descendants (Lord Justice Cohen)
Church and Synagogue in the Middle Ages (J. Parkes)
Solomon ben Joseph Buzaglo (H.M.J. Loewe)
The Damascus Affair – 1840 (A.M. Hyamson)
The non-Christian oath in English Law (F.A. Lincoln)
Strayings of Paul Isaiah in England 1651-6 (W.S. Samuel)
Jewish Finance in 13th century England (P. Elman)
Maimonides and England (J.L. Teicher)
Sir Henry Finch (1558-1625) and first English advocates of restoration of Jews to Palestine (F. Kobler)
Sir Edward Brampton (C. Roth)
Jewish Residents in 18th Century Twickenham (Mrs H.F. Finberg)
Grace Aguilar (Mrs Beth-Zion L. Abrahams)
More Anglo-Jewish leading cases (N. de M. Bentwich)
Case of Dr Lopez (J. Gwyer)
William Wallaston, (1659-1724); English deist and Rabbinic scholar (A. Altmann)
Hebrew Elegy and the York Martyrs (C. Roth)
Miscellanies. Memorial Addresses: Simon Dubnow (A. Steinberg and P. Goodman); Very Reverend Joseph Herman Hertz, Chief Rabbi (S. Levy)
17 1951/2 An Anglo-Jewish family (A.M. Hyamson)
History of the Jewish community in Gentile society (J.W. Parkes)
Survey of Jewish institutional history of Liverpool and District (B.B. Benas)
Leone da Modena and his English Correspondence (C. Roth)
Jewish contribution to the British textile industry (A.R. Rollin)
Beginnings of Jewish Trade Union Movement in England (P. Elman)
Jews of Falmouth (A.M. Jacob)
References to England in Responsa of Rabbi Meir Ben Baruch of Rothenburg (1215-1293) (A. Owen)
Sampson Gideon; 18th century Jewish financier (Miss L.S. Sutherland)
Solomon Bennett: Artist, Hebraist, and controversialist, (1761-1838) (A. Barnett)
Anglo-Jewish notaries and Scriveners (E.R. Samuel)
Judah Benjamin (R. Landman)
Survey of Anglo-Jewry in 1851 (V.D. Lipman)
Were there Jews in Roman Britain? (S. Applebaum)
Isidore Gerstenberg (1821-1876); Founder, Council of Foreign Bondholders (A. Behr)
Baron Paul Julius de Reuter (P.H. Emden)
Medieval Christian Hebraists of England – Herbert of Bosham and earlier scholars (R. Loewe)
New facts about the Portsmouth Jewish Community (E. Newman)
Anglo-Jewish contributions to 19th century education movement for women (Miss S. Wills)
18 1953/55 Don Pacifico (A.M. Hyamson)
Jacob Waley 1818-1873 (B.B. Benas)
Jewish history and archives (Sir H. Jenkinson)
Some English examples of medieval representation of Church and Synagogue (L. Edwards)
Israel Zangwill (J. Leftwich)
Francis Town of Bond Street (1738-1826) and his family, with further notes on early Anglo-Jewish artists (A. Rubens)
Anglo-Jewish silver (A.G. Grimwade)
Anglo-Jewish architects and architecture in 18th and 19th centuries (E. Jamilly)
18th century Anglo-Jewry in and around Richmond, Surrey (Rachel Daiches-Dubens)
Portuguese Jews in Jacobean London (E.R. Samuel)
Anglo-Jewry and development of American Jewish Life 1775-1850 (J.J. Neusner)
Sir George Jessel (1824-1883) (I. Finestein)
Medieval sources for Anglo-Jewish history: the Problem of Publication (Sir H. Jenkinson)
Memorial Addresses: Albert Montefiore Hyamson (C. Roth); Redcliffe Nathan Salaman (J.W. Parkes)
19 1955/59 Middle period of Anglo-Jewish history 1290-1665 reconsidered (C. Roth). Portrait of Anglo-Jewry 1656-1836 (A. Rubens). Sephardi Jews and early years of the Bank of England (J. A. Giuseppi). Sussex Hall: First Anglo-Jewish venture in popular education (A. Barnett). Isaac Leonini Azulay (R.D. Barnett). Origins of Jews’ Free School (S.S. Levin). West Metropolitan Jewish School 1845-1897 (C. Cassell). Origins of Scottish Jewry (A. Levy). Cemetery of the Re-settlement (A.S. Diamond). Iconography of Menasseh ben Israel (A. Behr). Starrs of Aaron of York in Dean and Chapter Muniments of Durham (E. Birnbaum). Memorial Addresses: Owen Elkan Mocatta (A. Barnett); Rev. Solomon Levy (A. Barnett); Wilfred Sampson Samuel (C. Roth).
20 1959/61 Correspondence of the Mohammad of the Spanish and Portuguese Congregation of London during 17th and 18th centuries (R.D. Barnett). The Wanderers and other Jewish scholars of my youth (N. Bentwich). Some Ashkenazi charities in London at the end of 18th and beginning of 19th centuries (S. Stein). Dr Meyer Schonberg’s attack on the Jews of London, 1746 (E.R. Samuel). Emunat Omen (M. Schomberg, Translation H. Levy). Anglo-Jewish opinion during the struggle for emancipation, 1828-1858 (I. Finestein). Pre-Expulsion cemetery of Jews in London (Marjorie B. Honeybourne). Lucien Wolf and Theodor Herzl (J. Fraenkel). Lewis Way and His Times (J. Parkes). John Braham, singer (Mollie Sands). Russian background of Anglo-American Jewish immigration (L. Schapiro). The Hope of Israel: A Breife Epistle and Silex Scintillans (J. Sparrow). Jews in medieval York (Elizabeth Brunskill). Notes on Jews’ Tribute in Jamaica (J.R. Rosenbloom). Address in Celebration of the 70th anniversary of the formation of the Society (C. Roth). Memorial Addresses: Sir Hilary Jenkinson (N. Bentwich); Rev Arthur Barnett (C. Roth); Viscount Samuel (C. Roth).
21 1962/7 Haham Meldola and Hazan de Sola (R.D. Barnett)
Problems of the London Sephardi community 1720-33 (A.S. Diamond)
Anatomy of medieval Anglo-Jewry (V.D. Lipman)
Rise of Jewish Suburbia (V.D. Lipman)
Joseph Salvador (1716-86) (M. Woolf)
Herem of Rabenu Tam in Queen Anne’s London (G.W. Busse)
Solomon Marcus Schiller-Szinessy (1820-90) (R. Loewe)
Memoires of an octogenarian Jewish bookseller (M.L. Ettinghousen)
Russo-Jewish immigrants in England before 1881 (A.R. Rollin)
Dr Abraham Benisch as newspaper editor (J. M. Shaftesley)
Hyman Hurwitz: first Anglo-Jewish Professor (L. Hyman)
Abraham Sussman – from Berdichew to Bevis Marks (Phyllis Abrahams)
The Reverend Dr. Joseph Chotzner (A. Carlebach)
Abraham Solomon, painter of fashion and Simeon Solomon, decadent artist (L. Lambourne)
Judith Montefiore, First Lady of Anglo-Jewry (Sonia L. Lipman)
Non-religious factors in the emergence of the Chief Rabbinate (N. Cohen)
The London Get of 1287 (L. Rabinowitz)
“Judaising” in the period of the English Reformation (J. Fines)
Rabbi Dr. I. Epstein (C. Roth and Ruth P. Lehmann)
22 1968/9 Benjamin Disraeli, Karl Marx, and the search for identity (Sir Isaiah Berlin)
Why Anglo-Jewish History? (Cecil Roth)
The Expulsion of the Jews from Prague in 1745 (Aubrey Newman)
The Jews of Brighton 1779-1900 (David Spector)
The origins of the Jewish Orphanage (Edward S. Conway)
Sir Winston Churchill and Israel (Oskar K. Rabinowicz)
The Rothschilds in caricature (Alfred Rubens)
19th century Jewish colonies in Cyprus (John M. Shaftesley)
A list of Jewish persons endenizened and naturalised 1609-1799 (W.S. Samuel, edited with a foreward by R.D. Barnett and A.S. Diamond)
Apprentices of Great Britain 1710-33 (Arthur P. Arnold, with introduction by R.D. Barnett)
A Letter from a Jewish Bookseller (A. Schischa) Laws of the Society
23 1969/70 Frederic David Mocatta (1828-1905) (Sir Alan Mocatta)
The amazing clan of Buzaglo (Cecil Roth)
Anglo-Jewish life as reflected in the writings of Dayan Jacob Reinowitz 1875-1893 (Rabbi Eugene Newman)
The changed face of English Jewry at the end of the 18th century (Gerald R. Reitlinger)
Lord George Bentinck and the Jews (Sir Henry d’Avigdor-Goldsmid)
Emanuel Deutsch of ‘The Talmud’ fame (Mrs Beth-Zion Lask Abrahams)
New light on the selection of Jewish children’s names (Edgar R. Samuel)
Medieval Southampton and its Jews (Mrs Patricia Allin)
Anglo-Jewry in caricature 1780-1850 (Alfred Rubens)
Cecil Roth Memorial Tributes: Rabbi Abram V. Goodman, Raphael Loewe, Vivian D. Lipman; introduction Aubrey Newman.
Spanish & Portuguese Synagogue (Shearith Israel) Montreal, 1768-1968 (Esther I. Blaustein, Rachel A. Esar, and Evelyn Miller)
S.D. Luzzatto suggested as Haham 1853 (A. Schischa)
24 1970/3 The letters of Israel Abrahams from Egypt and Palestine in 1898 (Phyllis Abrahams)
Jewry of South-West England and some of its Australian connections (Anthony P. Joseph)
Foreign trade of London Jews in the Sephardi century (Maurice Woolf)
Naturalisation of Jews in England (J.M. Ross)
On David Ricardo (1772-1823) (A. Heertje)
Abraham ben Naphtali Tang – a precursor of the Anglo-Jewish Haskalah (S.B. Leperer)
The British press and Zionism in Hertzl’s time 1895-1904 (Benjamin Jaffe)
The literary career of Joseph Jacobs 1876-1900 (Brian Maidment)
Joseph Cortissos and the war of the Spanish Succession (Charles Rubens)
The community of the Resettlement 1656-84: a social survey (A.S. Diamond)
Jews and the English stage 1667-1850 (Alfred Rubens. The selection of Jewish children’s names – some emendations (Edgar R. Samuel)
More letters of Hazan de Sola (Richard D. Barnett)
Jewish colonies in Cyprus – further information and letters from Cyprus, 1563 (John M. Shaftesley)
Norman Bentwich (1883-1971), a tribute by Helen Bentwich.
‘Sir Thomas Shirley’s project for Jewes’ (Edgar R. Samuel)
18th century London Jewish shipowners (Maurice Woolf)
Punch and the Jews 1841-58 (Beatrice Rosenblum)
The remarkable career of Haham Abraham Gabay Yzidro (Cecil Roth)
Spanish Jews in London in 1494 (A. Schischa)
Book notes.
25 1973/5 The beginnings of the Newcastle Jewish community (G.D. Guttentag)
Leonard Woolf’s attitudes to his Jewish background and to Judaism (Freema Gottlieb)
David Gabay’s 1660 letter from London (Edgar R. Samuel)
Was Moyse’s Hall, Bury St Edmunds, a Jew’s house? (Edgar R. Samuel)
The Jews in the Canary Islands: A Resettlement-evaluation (Professor Haim Beinart)
Aaron Levy Green (1821-1883) (Alex M. Jacob)
Jewish glass-makers (Zoe Josephs)
Rabbi Jacob Judah Leon (Templo) of Amsterdam (1603-75) and his connections with England (A.L. Shane)
Weizmann: A new type of leadership in the Zionist movement (Professor Chimen Abramsky)
Jews in English Regular Freemasonry 1717-1860 (John M. Shaftesley; List (Appendix) by the Rev. Morris Rosenbaum)
Diplomatic aspects of the Sephardi influx from Portugal in the early 18th century (Richard D. Barnett)
Provincial Jewry in Victorian Britain: a report (Aubrey Newman)
Bibliographical Serendipity (A. Schischa) – Haham Azulay’s Moreh b’Etzbah and Tsiporen Shamir
Registered communities in 1852
Longfellow’s ‘A Psalm of Life’ in Hebrew
Cecil Roth Bibliography: Supplement (Robert Singerman)
The ‘Gaster Papers’ (Trude Levi)
Deputies Records Catalogued
Book notes
26 1974/78 The historian in two worlds (Aubrey N. Newman)
Ashkenazic reactions to the conversionists 1800-1850 (Rabbi Harvey W. Meirovich)
The stirrings of the 1590s and the return of the Jews to England (Professor Theodore K. Rabb)
The decline and expulsion of the medieval Jews of York (Professor R.B. Dobson)
George Eliot: her Jewish associations – a centenary tribute (Beth-Zion Lask Abrahams)
The Jew as scapegoat? The settlement and reception of Jews in South Wales before 1914 (Geoffrey Alderman)
The Jews of Spanish North Africa 1600-1669 (Jonathan Israel)
The settlement of Jews in Gibraltar 1704-83 (Mesod Benady)
Tributes: Arthur Sigismund Diamond 1897-1978 by Judge Israel Finestein: Rabbi Sir Israel Brodie 1895-1979 by Vivian D. Lipman.
Passover in Shakespeare’s London (Edgar Samuel)
The Jews of Cornwall in local tradition (Venetia Newall)
Book notes
27 1978/80 Anglo-Jewry in the 18th century: a presidential address (Aubrey Newman)
Manuel Levy Duarte (1631-1714): an Amsterdam merchant jeweller and his trade with London (Edgar Samuel)
Richard of Devizes and the alleged martyrdom of a boy at Winchester (Patricia Allin)
James Finn: Her Britannic Majesty’s Consul at Jerusalem between 1846 and 1863 (Beth-Zion Lask Abrahams)
The Central British Fund for World Jewish Relief (Joan Steibel)
Claude Montefiore, Lily Montagu, and the origins of the Jewish Religious Union (Steven Bayme)
The assassination of Lord Moyne (Bernard Wasserstein)
Dr Jacob de Castro Sarmento and Sephardim in medical practice in 18th century London (Richard Barnett)
A reassessment of Benjamin Disraeli’s Jewish aspects (Benjamin Jaffe)
Talmud (Edgar Samuel)
Hebrew printed books in the library of Westminster Abbey (David Goldstein)
Sir Solomon de Medina’s textile warehouse (Diana de Marly)
Book notes.
28 1981/2 Jews and castles in medieval England (Vivian D. Lipman)
Anglo-Jewish country houses from the Resettlement to 1800 (Malcolm Brown)
A modern examination of Macaulay’s case for the civil emancipation of the Jews (Israel Finestein)
Anglo-Jewry and Essaouira (Mogodor) 1860-1900: the social implications of philanthropy (Daniel Schroeter)
Jewish-Christian relations since the inception of the Council of Christians and Jews (William W. Simpson)
Sir Hersch Lauterpacht: teacher, writer and judge – a presidential address (Dorothy Stone)
Localism and pluralism in British Jewry 1900-80 (Barry A. Kosmin)
Dr Hector Nunez: Elizabethan merchant (Charles Meyers)
An 18th century plan to invade Jamaica: Isaac Yeshurun Sasportas – French patriot or Jewish radical idealist? (Zvi Loker)
The Jewish cemetery at Kalkara, Malta (Derek Davis)
Moses Montefiore and Canada (Michael Brown)
Book notes.
29 1982/6 In Memoriam Richard David Barnett (1909-1986)
Judaica Publications by R.D. Barnett. Francis Bacon and the Jews: who was the Jew in the New Atlantis? (Lewis S. Feuer)
Mr Pepys’ contacts with the Spanish and Portuguese Jews of London (Richard Barnett)
Contemporary English opinions on the Sabbatean movement (Zvi Loker)
Voltaire and the Sephardi bankrupt (Norma Perry)
Contacts between Jews in Smyrna and the Levant Company of London in the 17th and 18th centuries (Eliezer Bashan)
Jewish medical students and graduates in Scotland 1739-1862 (Kenneth E. Collins)
Anglo-Jewish trading connections with officers and seamen of the Royal Navy, 1740-1820 (Geoffrey Green)
The Jews of Bath (Malcolm Brown and Judith Samuel)
Isaac D’Israeli and his quarrel with the Synagogue – a reassessment (A.L. Shane)
The establishment of the Rothschilds as bankers (S.D. Chapman)
Sir Moses Montefiore: a modern appreciation (Israel Finestein)
Agricultural land in Palestine: letters to Sir Moses Montefiore, 1839 (Ruth Kark)
The Rothschilds and Disraeli in Buckinghamshire (David Kessler)
From apology to revolt: Benjamin Farjeon, Amy Levy, and the post-emancipation Anglo-Jewish novel, 1880-1900 (Bryan Cheyette)
Lyons versus Thomas: the Jewess abduction case (Ursula Henriques)
Lucien Wolf’s efforts for the Jewish communities in Central and Eastern Europe (Chimen Abramsky)
Eastern European Jewish immigrants in England: a quarter-century’s view (Lloyd P. Gartner)
The Littman Library of Jewish Civilisation (Louis Littman)
Dr Richard Barnett – a recollection (Adolf Schischa)
30 1987/8 In Memoriam David Goldstein (1933-1987)
Publications by David Goldstein. The Jewish presence in Imperial China (Michael Loewe)
St Bartholomew’s Hospital, London, and its Jewish connections (Claire Hilton)
Dr Rodrigo Lopes’ last speech from the scaffold at Tyburn (Edgar Samuel)
Resistance and rebellion in 18th century France (Frances Malino)
The Jews of Hackney before 1840 (Malcolm Brown)
Brighton Jewry reconsidered (David Spector)
Jews and Robert Browning: fiction and fact (David Goldstein)
The Dreyfus Affair: could it have happened in England? (A.L. Shane)
Ideological components in Anglo-Jewish opposition to Zionism before and during the First World War: a restatement (Stuart A. Cohen)
The Revd John Harris: issues in Anglo-Jewish pacifism, 1914-18 (Evelyn Wilcock)
Anglo-Jewish foreign policy in crisis – Lucien Wolf, the Conjoint Committee and the War, 1914-18 (Mark Levene)
Edwin Montagu (Eugene Black)
Adolph Buchler, Principal of Jews’ College, 1906-39. Bibliography of work of Adolph Buchler (Bruno Marmorstein)
Decca Days – the career of Wilfred Sampson Samuel, 1886-1958 (Edgar Samuel)
Book notes.
31 1988-90 Anglo-Jewry under Edward I: credit agents and their clients (Robin Mundill)
A magnate among the marchers: Hamo of Hereford, his family and clients 1218-1253 (Joe Hillaby)
Money and the hangman in late-13th century England: Jews, Christians and coinage offences alleged and real (Part I) (Zefira Entin Rokeah)
The Curiel family in 16th century Portugal (Edgar Samuel)
A second Jewish community in Tudor London (Roger Prior)
The Readmission of the Jews to England in 1656 in the context of English economic policy (Edgar Samuel)
Old clothes men: 18th and 19th centuries (Betty Naggar)
A ‘Miniature Sanctuary’ at Clapton House, 1781 (Raphael Loewe and Malcolm Brown)
Relations of the Mahamad of the Spanish and Portuguese Congregation of London with the Holy Land in the 19th century (Miriam Rodrigues-Pereira)
Colonel Patterson, soldier and Zionist (Cecil Bloom)
M.H. Davis: the rise and fall of a communal upstart (Geoffrey Alderman)
Book notes.
32 1990/2 In Memoriam Sir Alan Mocatta OBE (1907-1990). In Memoriam Asher Lewis Shane (1911-1991).Publications by Vivian David Lipman (1921-1991).The Jews of medieval Cambridge (R.B. Dobson). The Jewish entries from the Patent Rolls, 1270-92 (R.R. Mundill). London: the 13th century Jewry revisited (Joe Hillaby). Money and the hangman in late 13th century England: Jews, Christians and coinage offences alleged and real (Part II) (Zefira Entin Rokeah). The Jews of Norfolk and Suffolk before 1840 (Malcolm Brown). From Poland to Paddington: the early history of the Spielmann family 1828-1948 (Ruth Sebag-Montefiore). The importance of being editor: The Jewish Chronicle, 1841-1991 (David Cesarani). Jenkinson and Schechter at Cambridge: an expanded and updated assessment (Stefan Reif).Hatikvah – Imber, his poem and a national anthem (Cecil Bloom). The struggle to establish the London Jewish Hospital: Lord Rothschild versus the barber (Gerry Black). Class, ethnicity, and politics in the Jewish East End 1918-1939 (Elaine R. Smith). Further on the Curiel family in 16th century Portugal (Edgar Samuel). Book notes.
33 1992/4 The London Jewry: William I to John (Joe Hillaby)
The role of Jews in the British colonies of the Western Mediterranean (T.M. Benady)
The Jewish presence in the London theatre, 1600-1800 (Kalman A. Burnim)
A collection of Anglo-Jewish ephemera (Arthur B. Hyman)
The Jews of Essex before 1900 (Malcolm Brown)
An Ipswich worthy portrayed by John Constable (Malcolm Brown)
The Jewish friendly societies of London 1793-1993 (Raymond Kalman)
No ordinary tradesmen: the Green family in 19th century Whitechapel (Alex Jacob)
‘Popular politics’ and the Jewish question in the Russian Empire 1881-2 (John Klier)
The politics of immigration, 1881-1905 (Cecil Bloom)
The historiography of Anglo-Jewry, 1892-1992 (Aubrey Newman)
The foundation of The Jewish Historical Society of England, 1893 (Stephen Massil)
References to the Holocaust in English Law Reports (Aron Owen)
The establishment of the Reform Beth Din in 1948 – a barometer of religious trends in Anglo-Jewry (Jonathan A. Romain)
Book notes.
34 1994/6 In Memoriam Dorothy Stone (1908-1995)
The young Cecil Roth, 1899-1924 (Geoffrey Alderman)
Samuel Montagu and Zionism (Cecil Bloom)
Bukharan Jews, ancient and modern (Audrey Burton)
The ritual-child-murder accusation: its dissemination and Harold of Gloucester (Joe Hillaby)
Genealogy and Jewish history (Anthony Joseph)
Debt in Elizabethan England: the adventures of Dr Hector Nunez, physician and merchant (Charles Meyers)
A quest for a grandfather: Sir Philip Magnus, 1st Bart, Victorian educationalist (Ruth Sebag-Montefiore)
Rabbi Elias Menahem: a late 13th century English entrepreneur (Robin Mundill)
A Hospitaller and the Jews: Brother Joseph de Chauncy and English Jewry in the 1270s (Zefira Entin Rokeah)
Two papal letters on the wearing of the Jewish badge, 1221 and 1229 (Nicholas Vincent)
Aspects of Jewish contributions to musical life in Britain, 1770-1820 (Barry Weinberg)
Book notes.
35 1996/8 In Memoriam Sir Isaiah Berlin (1909-1997)
In Memoriam Alfred Rubens (1903-1998)
Italian musicians at the Tudor Court – were they really Jews? (Alessio Ruffati)
Don Fray Francisco de Victoria, 1540-92, Bishop of Tucuman (Edgar Samuel)
The Jewish ancestry of Velasquez (Edgar Samuel)
The Jews in Hull between 1766 and 1880 (Israel Finestein)
Moses Samuel, Liverpool Hebraist (Bernard Wasserstein)
A pioneering philosemite: Charlotte Elizabeth Tonna (1790-1846) and the Jews (Hilary Rubinstein)
The Jews of Gravesend before 1915 (Malcolm Brown)
The Jews of early St John’s Wood (Malcolm Brown)
F.H. Goldsmid and Archbishop Whately of Dublin: their significance in the emancipation debate (Tony Hammond)
The influence of German music on United Kingdom synagogue practice (Alexander Knapp)
Jews in Vanity Fair (John Franks)
Claude Montefiore: defender of rabbinic Judaism (Edward Kessler)
Lucien Wolf, (1857-1930); a study in ambivalence (Israel Finestein)
Isaac Diamond and the Jews in the timber trade in the East End 1880-1910 (Bryan Diamond)
Kaethe Cohn’s Escape from Berlin to London in 1942 (Charles Rubens)
The SIG: behind the lines with Jewish commandos (Martin Sugarman)
Two Jewish heroines of the SOE (Martin Sugarman)
Book notes.
With cumulative index to volumes 26 to 35
36 1999-2001 The institution of halukkah; a historical review (Cecil Bloom)
Revd Solomon Lyon of Cambridge 1755-1820 (Naomi Cream)
Bernard Baron: tobacco and philanthropy (Gerry Black)
Bertam B. Benas; forgotten Zionist (Mervyn Goodman)
Health and medical care of the Jewish poor in the East End of London, 1880-1914 (Gerry Black)
The Zion muleteers of Gallipoli, March 1915-May 1916 (Martin Sugarman)
The British Labour Party and Palestine, 1917-1948 (Cecil Bloom)
Book notes.
37 2002 The End of Jewish history? (Bernard Wasserstein)The discovery of two medieval pikva’ot in London and a reinterpretation of the Bristol ‘mikveh’ (Ian Blair, Joe Hillaby, Isca Howell, Richard Sermon and Bruce Watson)Testimony from the Margin: The Gloucester and Its Neighbours; c. 1159 – 1290 (Joe Hillary)Antonio Rodrigues Robles, c. 1620-1688 (Edgar Samuel)Bevis Marks synagogue and the City churches (Kenneth Rubens)Jewish top wealth-holders in Britain, 1809-1909 (William Rubinstein)Asher Asher: Victorian physician, medical reformer and communal servant (Kenneth Collins)The Hebrew, Order of David, from Whitechapel to Hendon via South Africa (Raymond Kalman)Confounding the enemy: Jewish RAF Special Operators in radio counter measures with 101 Squadron, September 1943-1945 (Martin Sugarman)
38 2003 In Memoriam: Ruth LehmannThe Decline and fall of Anglo-Jewry? (William Rubinstein)Diamonds and pieces of eight: How Stuart England won the rough-diamond trade (Edgar Samuel)The reinternent of members of the Mendes da Costa family, 1713 (Miriam Rodrigues-Pereira)The first Jewish magistrates (Ann Ebner)Patrons, clients, designers and developers: the Jewish contribution to secularbuilding in England (Edward Jamilly)Sussex Hall (1845-1859) and the revival of learning among London Jewry (Geoffrey Cantor)T. E. Lawrence and Zionism (Cecil Bloom)The work of the Pinsker Orphans Relief Fund of London, 1921-1939 (John Cooper)Children of Magnolia Street (Bernard Wasserstein)More than just a few: Jewish pilots and aircrew in the Battle of Britain (Martin Sugarman)
39 2004 David of Oxford and Licoriciao of Winchester: glimpses into a Jewish family in thirteenth-century England (Reva Berman Brown and Sean McCartney)Alien diplomat (Charles Meyers)The ‘Cathedral Synagogues’ of England (Sharman Kadish) The reaction in England to the kidnapping of Edgardo Mortara (Raphael Langham)Greeners and sweaters: Jewish immigration and the cabinet-making trade in East London, 1880 – 1914 (Leonard D. Smith)Did the Chief Rabbinate move to the right? A case study: the mixed-choir controversies, 1880-1986 (Benjamin J. Elton)Arnold White and Sir William Evans-Gordon: their involvement in immigration in late-Victorian and Edwardian Britain (Cecil Bloom)Winston Churchill and the Jews (William D. Rubinstein)Two notes on Jews on active service (Martin Sugarman)Lieutenant Marcus Bloom: a Jewish hero of the SOE (Martin Sugarman)Henry: a physician of distinction – the Rt. Hon. Lord Cohen of Birkenhead, CH (Mervyn Goodman)
40 2005 Lord Burleigh’s support in the Privy Council for Dr Hector Nunes and his commercial ventures (Charles Meyers)The nineteenth-century constitution of the Sunderland Congregation (Bernard Susser)Vice versa: Samuel Montagu, the first Lord Swaythling (Mervyn Goodman)Dr Angel Pulido and philo-Sephardism in Spain (Michael Alpert)The Association for Providing Free Lectures to Jewish Working Men and their Families, 1869 – 1879 (Harold Pollins)Women in the great Jewish migration (Lloyd P. Gartner)The Poor Jews’ Temporary Shelter: an episode in migration studies (Aubrey Newman)A note on Jewish trade unionism (Harold Pollins)Sir Louis Sterling and his library (Julia Walworth)Aaron Aaronsohn: forgotten man of history? (Cecil Bloom)Breaking the codes: Jewish personnel at Bletchley Park (Martin Sugarman)Jews in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (William D. Rubinstein)
41 2007 In memoriam Lionel Kochan The Domus Conversorum: The Personal Interest of Henry III (Lauren Fogle) The Mahamadas an arbitration sourt (Edgar Samuel) An eighteetnth-centurySephardi lady – her relations and her property(Miriam Rodrigues-Pereira) John Braham – from meshorrerto tenor (David Conway) England expects . . .: British Jews under the White Ensign from HMS Victory to the loss of HMS Hood in 1941 (Geoffrey Green) Two Hebrew grammers and the Enlightenment (Stephen Massil) Izak Goller (1891-1939): Zionist poet, playright and preacher (Gabriel Sivan) Jewish missionary activity in Portugal between the Wars (Edgar Samuel) ‘Hagedud Ha-Sini’ – The Jewish Company of the Shanghai Volunteer Corps, 1932-42 (Martin Sugarman) A Jewish contribution to British psychiatry: Edwar Mapother, Aubrey Lewis and their Jewish and refugee colleagues at the Bethlem and Mudsley Hospital and Institute of Psychiatry, 1933-66 (Claire Hilton) Captain Isidore Newman (Martin Sugarman) Mac Goldsmith (John Goldsmith) Kindertransport: Tylers Green Hostel for Young Jewish Refugees (Bernd Koschland) Book Notes 

Contents of separate volumes of MISCELLANIES

Part Year Description
I 1925 Bodleian Bowl (I. Abrahams)
Petition from Haslemere 1753 (A.M. Hyamson)
Charles Dickens and Eliza Davis (I. Solomons)
Extracts from Close Rolls, 1289-1368 (H.P. Stokes)
Maria Fernandez de Carvajal (L. Wolf)
Mrs Brydges Willyams and Benjamin Disraeli (L. Wolf)
Colonial commerce (A.M. Friedenberg)
Passes issued to Jews, 1689-1696 (I. Abrahams)
Netherbury Tombstone (F.C. Burkitt)
Jews and the coral trade (L. Wolf)
“Theodore Cyphon” (I. Abrahams)
Lehman-Goldsmid litigation (H.S.Q. Henriques)
Northampton “Donum”, 1194: with index (I. Abrahams)
Anglo-Judaica in catalogue of British Museum Hebrew MSS. (I. Abrahams)
II 1935 Gamaliel ben Pedahzur and his prayer book (C. Roth)
Jewish Tallies of 13th century (M. Adler)
Carvajal and Pepys (W.S. Samuel)
Was there a Domus Conversorum in Oxford? (H.E. Salter)
Case of Thomas Fernandes before Lisbon Inquisition, 1556 (C. Roth)
Unpublished Pipe Roll of 1285: Inventory of property of condemned Jews (N. Adler)
Ketuboth of Bevis Marks (M. Gaster)
New Starr of Huntingdon (H. Loewe)
Jacob Bemider, Moroccan Envoy 1772 (C. Roth)
Earliest Jewish Friendly Society in England “Rodphea Sholom” (B.A. Fersht)
English account of Jews of Jerusalem in 17th century (C. Roth)
An unusual form of prayer for Royal Family, 1826 from the library of the Rev J.H. Hertz. Index to Transactions I-XII and Miscellanies I (M. Adler)
III 1937 Lesser London synagogues of 18th century (C. Roth). Jews and the Great Plague (W.S. Samuel). Medieval Jewish MSS, in library of St Paul’s Cathedral (M. Adler). The Jewish moneylender and charters of English Jewry in their historical setting (J. Parkes). Bibliography of “I.A.” (S. Levy). Jewish oratories of Cromwellian London (W.S. Samuel). Family of Mordecai Hamburger and their association with Madras (R.J. D’Arcy Hart). Origin of Canterbury “Treaty” of 1266 (L. Rabinowitz). Jew Brokers of City of London (D. Abrahams). Miscellania.
IV 1942 Benedict the Gildsman of Winchester (M. Adler). Anglo-Jewish travellers to Palestine in 19th century (N. Bentwich). Beginnings of Anglo-Jewish Biblical exegesis and bible translation (S. Daiches). Jewish obituaries in “Gentleman’s Magazine” (A.M. Hyamson). English Students of Maimonides (S. Levy). Chazanim of Great Synagogue, London (H. Mayerowitsch). Prayer-Book of Joseph Messias, 5481 (M. Rosenbaum). Jews in English universities (C. Roth).
V 1948 Elkan Nathan Adler: In Memoriam (E. Levine)
Bibliography of works of E.N. Adler. Jewish Entries in Curia Regis and elsewhere (H. Jenkinson)
Three letters of Anglo-Jewish interest (L. Rabinowitz)
Jewish Fellows of Royal Society (R.N. Salaman)
Tentative list of Jewish underwriting members of Lloyds (W.S. Samuel)
A Sabbathaian will from New York (G. Scholem)
Jewish victories in “Gentleman’s Magazine”: Corrigenda and Addenda. Index to Parts IV and V.
VI 1962 Bethahaim Velho burial register (R.D. Barnett)
A list of Jews and their households in London 1695 (A.P. Arnold)
Early Jewish holders of Bank of England stock, 1694-1725 (J.A. Giuseppi)
Membership of the Great Synagogue, London to 1791 (C. Roth)
Plymouth Aliens List, 1798 and 1803 (V.D. Lipman)
Equity Proceedings, Court of Chancery, 1750-1800 (G. Dworkin)

In 1955 a separate index of Transactions and Miscellanies was printed


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