By: Gabriel Herman

Archive Recordings

The Attitude of the Church of England to the Holocaust, Dr Tom Lawton (2/12/2019)

Noah’s Ark from the British Museum, Dr Finkle (4/11/2019)

The Vichy Government and its Jewish Refugees – postponed, Dr Daniel Lee (7/10/2019)

The Life and Death of Primo Levi, Ian Vellins (2/9/2019)

The Bible & Koran: A Comparison, Dr Avi Shivtiel (5/8/2019)

Poland’s Kinder Transports, Dr Jennifer Craig-Norton (1/7/2019)

William Joyce – The Traitor Lord Haw Haw, Prof. Colin Holmes (3/6/2019)

British Jewish Television Drama: From Jack Rosenthal to the Present, Professor Sue Vice (28/3/2019)

Battle for the Labour Party, David Kogan (4/3/2019)

Jewish Chapeltown’s Conscientious Objectors in World War I, Dr Janet Douglas (4/2/2019)

Leitz, Camera, Action, Gideon Leventhall (3/12/2018)

Notable Leeds Jews, Michael Meadowcroft (5/11/2018)

The Life of Lord Goodman, Mrs Miriam Brosh (his articled clerk) (8/10/2018)

What Jews Left Behind, Dr Nick Evans (3/9/2018)

Jewish Mass Murderers, Prof Tony Kushner (2/7/2018)

The Jewish Move to the Suburbs, Dr Hannah Ewence (4/6/2018)

The Jews of Huddersfield, Dr Anne Brooke (14/5/2018)

Synagogue Constitutions: The ‘Pinchas’, David Jacobs (16/4/2018)

Trouble In The Tribe: The American Jewish Conflict Over Israel, Dov Waxman (5/3/2018)

‘The Estranged’ Generation: Social & Generational Changes in the Inter War Years, David Dee (5/2/2018)


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