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Jewish Historical Studies, Volume 42


  • In memoriam John Klier, 1944-2007  JOE HILLABY
  • A Domus Conversorum at Bristol?  SUSANNE LACHENICHT
  • Early modern German states and the settlement of Jews: Brandenburg-Prussia and the Palatinate, sixteenth to nineteenth centuries TAMARA CHASE , JENNIFER MARIN , KEN MARKS , JEREMY SCHONFIELD AND BRUCE WATSON
  • The radiocarbon dating of two London shofarot GABRIEL SIVAN
  • Samuel Solomon (1745-1819): quack or entrepreneur? STEPHEN MASSIL
  • ‘The Lady of Longueville Clarke’: Maria Hart Myers (1794-1868) and her family RAPHAEL LOEWE
  • A Hebrew poem on the death of Nelson SHULA P . MORELAND
  • Jewish settlement in Staffordshire: the early years, 1811-1901 IRIT MILLER
  • Samson by Solomon J. Solomon: Victorian academy and Jewish identity CECIL BLOOM
  • Aaron Liebermann: the father of Jewish socialism CECIL BLOOM
  • Josiah Wedgwood and Palestine LLOYD P . GARTNER
  • Salo Baron, universal Jewish historian MARTIN SUGARMAN
  • Amendments to ‘England Expects…’ MICHAEL ALPERT
  • Spain and the Jews in the Second World War MARTIN SUGARMAN
  • Captain Simmon Latutin, GC – hero of Mogadishu 211
  • BOOK NOTES Moshe Rosman, How Jewish is Jewish History? 239 Grenville Janner and Derek Taylor, Jewish Parliamentarians 241 Jackie Ranston, Belisario: Sketches of a Character. A Historical Biography of a Jamaican Artist 244 Ben Braber, Jews in Glasgow 1870-1939 Immigration and Integration 245 John Cooper, Raphael Lemkin and the Struggle for the Genocide Convention 246

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