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Jewish Historical Studies, Volume 41 – 2007


  • In memoriam Lionel Kochan The Domus Conversorum: The Personal Interest of Henry III (Lauren Fogle)
  • TheMahamadas an arbitration sourt (Edgar Samuel)
  • An eighteetnth-centurySephardi lady – her relations and her property(Miriam Rodrigues-Pereira)
  • John Braham – from meshorrerto tenor (David Conway)
  • England expects . . .: British Jews under the White Ensign from HMS Victory to the loss of HMS Hood in 1941 (Geoffrey Green)
  • Two Hebrew grammers and the Enlightenment (Stephen Massil)
  • Izak Goller (1891-1939): Zionist poet, playright and preacher (Gabriel Sivan)
  • Jewish missionary activity in Portugal between the Wars (Edgar Samuel)
  • ‘Hagedud Ha-Sini’ – The Jewish Company of the Shanghai Volunteer Corps, 1932-42 (Martin Sugarman)
  • A Jewish contribution to British psychiatry: Edwar Mapother, Aubrey Lewis and their Jewish and refugee colleagues at the Bethlem and Mudsley Hospital and Institute of Psychiatry, 1933-66 (Claire Hilton)
  • Captain Isidore Newman (Martin Sugarman)
  • Mac Goldsmith (John Goldsmith)
  • Kindertransport: Tylers Green Hostel for Young Jewish Refugees (Bernd Koschland)
  • Book Notes

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