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Jewish Historical Studies, Volume 37 – 2002


  • The End of Jewish history? (Bernard Wasserstein)
  • The discovery of two medieval pikva’ot in London and a reinterpretation of the Bristol ‘mikveh’ (Ian Blair, Joe Hillaby, Isca Howell, Richard Sermon and Bruce Watson)
  • Testimony from the Margin: The Gloucester and Its Neighbours; c. 1159 – 1290 (Joe Hillary)
  • Antonio Rodrigues Robles, c. 1620-1688 (Edgar Samuel)
  • Bevis Marks synagogue and the City churches (Kenneth Rubens)
  • Jewish top wealth-holders in Britain, 1809-1909 (William Rubinstein)
  • Asher Asher: Victorian physician, medical reformer and communal servant (Kenneth Collins)
  • The Hebrew, Order of David, from Whitechapel to Hendon via South Africa (Raymond Kalman)
  • Confounding the enemy: Jewish RAF Special Operators in radio counter measures with 101 Squadron, September 1943-1945 (Martin Sugarman)

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