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Jewish Historical Studies, Volume 35 – 1996/8


  • In Memoriam Sir Isaiah Berlin (1909-1997)
  • In Memoriam Alfred Rubens (1903-1998)
  • Italian musicians at the Tudor Court – were they really Jews? (Alessio Ruffati)
  • Don Fray Francisco de Victoria, 1540-92, Bishop of Tucuman (Edgar Samuel)
  • The Jewish ancestry of Velasquez (Edgar Samuel)
  • The Jews in Hull between 1766 and 1880 (Israel Finestein)
  • Moses Samuel, Liverpool Hebraist (Bernard Wasserstein)
  • A pioneering philosemite: Charlotte Elizabeth Tonna (1790-1846) and the Jews (Hilary Rubinstein)
  • The Jews of Gravesend before 1915 (Malcolm Brown)
  • The Jews of early St John’s Wood (Malcolm Brown)
  • F.H. Goldsmid and Archbishop Whately of Dublin: their significance in the emancipation debate (Tony Hammond)
  • The influence of German music on United Kingdom synagogue practice (Alexander Knapp)
  • Jews in Vanity Fair (John Franks)
  • Claude Montefiore: defender of rabbinic Judaism (Edward Kessler)
  • Lucien Wolf, (1857-1930); a study in ambivalence (Israel Finestein)
  • Isaac Diamond and the Jews in the timber trade in the East End 1880-1910 (Bryan Diamond)
  • Kaethe Cohn’s Escape from Berlin to London in 1942 (Charles Rubens)
  • The SIG: behind the lines with Jewish commandos (Martin Sugarman)Two Jewish heroines of the SOE (Martin Sugarman)
  • Book notes.
  • With cumulative index to volumes 26 to 35

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