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Jewish Historical Studies, Volume 34 – 1994/6


  • In Memoriam Dorothy Stone (1908-1995)
  • The young Cecil Roth, 1899-1924 (Geoffrey Alderman)
  • Samuel Montagu and Zionism (Cecil Bloom)
  • Bukharan Jews, ancient and modern (Audrey Burton)
  • The ritual-child-murder accusation: its dissemination and Harold of Gloucester (Joe Hillaby)
  • Genealogy and Jewish history (Anthony Joseph)
  • Debt in Elizabethan England: the adventures of Dr Hector Nunez, physician and merchant (Charles Meyers)
  • A quest for a grandfather: Sir Philip Magnus, 1st Bart, Victorian educationalist (Ruth Sebag-Montefiore)
  • Rabbi Elias Menahem: a late 13th century English entrepreneur (Robin Mundill)
  • A Hospitaller and the Jews: Brother Joseph de Chauncy and English Jewry in the 1270s (Zefira Entin Rokeah)
  • Two papal letters on the wearing of the Jewish badge, 1221 and 1229 (Nicholas Vincent)
  • Aspects of Jewish contributions to musical life in Britain, 1770-1820 (Barry Weinberg)
  • Book notes.

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