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Jewish Historical Studies, Volume 31 – 1988/90


  • Anglo-Jewry under Edward I: credit agents and their clients (Robin Mundill)
  • A magnate among the marchers: Hamo of Hereford, his family and clients 1218-1253 (Joe Hillaby)
  • Money and the hangman in late-13th century England: Jews, Christians and coinage offences alleged and real (Part I) (Zefira Entin Rokeah)
  • The Curiel family in 16th century Portugal (Edgar Samuel)
  • A second Jewish community in Tudor London (Roger Prior)
  • The Readmission of the Jews to England in 1656 in the context of English economic policy (Edgar Samuel)
  • Old clothes men: 18th and 19th centuries (Betty Naggar)
  • A ‘Miniature Sanctuary’ at Clapton House, 1781 (Raphael Loewe and Malcolm Brown)
  • Relations of the Mahamad of the Spanish and Portuguese Congregation of London with the Holy Land in the 19th century (Miriam Rodrigues-Pereira)
  • Colonel Patterson, soldier and Zionist (Cecil Bloom)
  • M.H. Davis: the rise and fall of a communal upstart (Geoffrey Alderman)
  • Book notes.

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