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Jewish Historical Studies, Volume 30 – 1987/8


  • In Memoriam David Goldstein (1933-1987)
  • Publications by David Goldstein. The Jewish presence in Imperial China (Michael Loewe)
  • St Bartholomew’s Hospital, London, and its Jewish connections (Claire Hilton)
  • Dr Rodrigo Lopes’ last speech from the scaffold at Tyburn (Edgar Samuel)
  • Resistance and rebellion in 18th century France (Frances Malino)
  • The Jews of Hackney before 1840 (Malcolm Brown)
  • Brighton Jewry reconsidered (David Spector)
  • Jews and Robert Browning: fiction and fact (David Goldstein)
  • The Dreyfus Affair: could it have happened in England? (A.L. Shane)Ideological components in Anglo-Jewish opposition to Zionism before and during the First World War: a restatement (Stuart A. Cohen)
  • The Revd John Harris: issues in Anglo-Jewish pacifism, 1914-18 (Evelyn Wilcock)
  • Anglo-Jewish foreign policy in crisis – Lucien Wolf, the Conjoint Committee and the War, 1914-18 (Mark Levene)
  • Edwin Montagu (Eugene Black)
  • Adolph Buchler, Principal of Jews’ College, 1906-39. Bibliography of work of Adolph Buchler (Bruno Marmorstein)
  • Decca Days – the career of Wilfred Sampson Samuel, 1886-1958 (Edgar Samuel)
  • Book notes.

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