Jewish Historical Studies, Volume 29 – 1982/86

Edited by -- Sarah Cohen, M.A., Ph.D

  • In Memoriam Richard David Barnett (1909-1986)
  • Judaica Publications by R.D. Barnett. Francis Bacon and the Jews: who was the Jew in the New Atlantis? (Lewis S. Feuer)
  • Mr Pepys’ contacts with the Spanish and Portuguese Jews of London (Richard Barnett)
  • Contemporary English opinions on the Sabbatean movement (Zvi Loker)
  • Voltaire and the Sephardi bankrupt (Norma Perry)
  • Contacts between Jews in Smyrna and the Levant Company of London in the 17th and 18th centuries (Eliezer Bashan)
  • Jewish medical students and graduates in Scotland 1739-1862 (Kenneth E. Collins)
  • Anglo-Jewish trading connections with officers and seamen of the Royal Navy, 1740-1820 (Geoffrey Green)
  • The Jews of Bath (Malcolm Brown and Judith Samuel)
  • Isaac D’Israeli and his quarrel with the Synagogue – a reassessment (A.L. Shane)
  • The establishment of the Rothschilds as bankers (S.D. Chapman)
  • Sir Moses Montefiore: a modern appreciation (Israel Finestein)
  • Agricultural land in Palestine: letters to Sir Moses Montefiore, 1839 (Ruth Kark)The Rothschilds and Disraeli in Buckinghamshire (David Kessler)
  • From apology to revolt: Benjamin Farjeon, Amy Levy, and the post-emancipation Anglo-Jewish novel, 1880-1900 (Bryan Cheyette)
  • Lyons versus Thomas: the Jewess abduction case (Ursula Henriques)
  • Lucien Wolf’s efforts for the Jewish communities in Central and Eastern Europe (Chimen Abramsky)
  • Eastern European Jewish immigrants in England: a quarter-century’s view (Lloyd P. Gartner)
  • The Littman Library of Jewish Civilisation (Louis Littman)
  • Dr Richard Barnett – a recollection (Adolf Schischa)
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