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Jewish Historical Studies, Volume 24 – 1970/73


  • The letters of Israel Abrahams from Egypt and Palestine in 1898 (Phyllis Abrahams)
  • Jewry of South-West England and some of its Australian connections (Anthony P. Joseph)
  • Foreign trade of London Jews in the Sephardi century (Maurice Woolf)
  • Naturalisation of Jews in England (J.M. Ross)
  • On David Ricardo (1772-1823) (A. Heertje)
  • Abraham ben Naphtali Tang – a precursor of the Anglo-Jewish Haskalah (S.B. Leperer)
  • The British press and Zionism in Hertzl’s time 1895-1904 (Benjamin Jaffe)
  • The literary career of Joseph Jacobs 1876-1900 (Brian Maidment)
  • Joseph Cortissos and the war of the Spanish Succession (Charles Rubens)
  • The community of the Resettlement 1656-84: a social survey (A.S. Diamond)
  • Jews and the English stage 1667-1850 (Alfred Rubens. The selection of Jewish children’s names – some emendations (Edgar R. Samuel)
  • More letters of Hazan de Sola (Richard D. Barnett)
  • Jewish colonies in Cyprus – further information and letters from Cyprus, 1563 (John M. Shaftesley)
  • Norman Bentwich (1883-1971), a tribute by Helen Bentwich.
  • MISCELLANIES PART IX – ‘Sir Thomas Shirley’s project for Jewes’ (Edgar R. Samuel)
  • 18th century London Jewish shipowners (Maurice Woolf)
  • Punch and the Jews 1841-58 (Beatrice Rosenblum)
  • The remarkable career of Haham Abraham Gabay Yzidro (Cecil Roth)
  • Spanish Jews in London in 1494 (A. Schischa)
  • Book notes.

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