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Jewish Historical Studies, Volume 17 – 1951/1952


  • An Anglo-Jewish family (A.M. Hyamson)
  • History of the Jewish community in Gentile society (J.W. Parkes)
  • Survey of Jewish institutional history of Liverpool and District (B.B. Benas)
  • Leone da Modena and his English Correspondence (C. Roth)
  • Jewish contribution to the British textile industry (A.R. Rollin)
  • Beginnings of Jewish Trade Union Movement in England (P. Elman)
  • Jews of Falmouth (A.M. Jacob)
  • References to England in Responsa of Rabbi Meir Ben Baruch of Rothenburg (1215-1293) (A. Owen)
  • Sampson Gideon; 18th century Jewish financier (Miss L.S. Sutherland)
  • Solomon Bennett: Artist, Hebraist, and controversialist, (1761-1838) (A. Barnett)
  • Anglo-Jewish notaries and Scriveners (E.R. Samuel)
  • Judah Benjamin (R. Landman)
  • Survey of Anglo-Jewry in 1851 (V.D. Lipman)
  • Were there Jews in Roman Britain? (S. Applebaum)
  • Isidore Gerstenberg (1821-1876); Founder, Council of Foreign Bondholders (A. Behr)
  • Baron Paul Julius de Reuter (P.H. Emden)
  • Medieval Christian Hebraists of England – Herbert of Bosham and earlier scholars (R. Loewe)
  • New facts about the Portsmouth Jewish Community (E. Newman)
  • Anglo-Jewish contributions to 19th century education movement for women (Miss S. Wills)

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