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Jewish Historical Studies, Volume 16 – 1945/51


  • War and Jewish history (A.M. Hyamson)
  • Levi Barent Cohen and some of his descendants (Lord Justice Cohen)
  • Church and Synagogue in the Middle Ages (J. Parkes)
  • Solomon ben Joseph Buzaglo (H.M.J. Loewe)
  • The Damascus Affair – 1840 (A.M. Hyamson)
  • The non-Christian oath in English Law (F.A. Lincoln)
  • Strayings of Paul Isaiah in England 1651-6 (W.S. Samuel)
  • Jewish Finance in 13th century England (P. Elman)
  • Maimonides and England (J.L. Teicher)
  • Sir Henry Finch (1558-1625) and first English advocates of restoration of Jews to Palestine (F. Kobler)
  • Sir Edward Brampton (C. Roth)
  • Jewish Residents in 18th Century Twickenham (Mrs H.F. Finberg)
  • Grace Aguilar (Mrs Beth-Zion L. Abrahams)
  • More Anglo-Jewish leading cases (N. de M. Bentwich)
  • Case of Dr Lopez (J. Gwyer)
  • William Wallaston, (1659-1724); English deist and Rabbinic scholar (A. Altmann)
  • Hebrew Elegy and the York Martyrs (C. Roth)
  • Miscellanies. Memorial Addresses: Simon Dubnow (A. Steinberg and P. Goodman); Very Reverend Joseph Herman Hertz, Chief Rabbi (S. Levy)

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