Jewish Historical Studies, Volume 21 – 1962/67


  • Haham Meldola and Hazan de Sola (R.D. Barnett)
  • Problems of the London Sephardi community 1720-33 (A.S. Diamond)
  • Anatomy of medieval Anglo-Jewry (V.D. Lipman)
  • Rise of Jewish Suburbia (V.D. Lipman)
  • Joseph Salvador (1716-86) (M. Woolf)
  • Herem of Rabenu Tam in Queen Anne's London (G.W. Busse)
  • Solomon Marcus Schiller-Szinessy (1820-90) (R. Loewe)
  • Memoires of an octogenarian Jewish bookseller (M.L. Ettinghousen)
  • Russo-Jewish immigrants in England before 1881 (A.R. Rollin)
  • Dr Abraham Benisch as newspaper editor (J. M. Shaftesley)
  • Hyman Hurwitz: first Anglo-Jewish Professor (L. Hyman)
  • Abraham Sussman - from Berdichew to Bevis Marks (Phyllis Abrahams)
  • The Reverend Dr. Joseph Chotzner (A. Carlebach)
  • Abraham Solomon, painter of fashion and Simeon Solomon, decadent artist (L. Lambourne)
  • Judith Montefiore, First Lady of Anglo-Jewry (Sonia L. Lipman)
  • Non-religious factors in the emergence of the Chief Rabbinate (N. Cohen)
  • The London Get of 1287 (L. Rabinowitz)
  • "Judaising" in the period of the English Reformation (J. Fines)
  • Rabbi Dr. I. Epstein (C. Roth and Ruth P. Lehmann)