By: Gabriel Herman

The Jews of Cornwall by Keith Pearce

Keith Pearce analyses the place of Jews in Cornish folklore, and also distinguishes the indigenous Cornish gentiles who adopted Hebrew names, but who are not known to have been of Jewish descent.

The identities, occupations and commercial contribution of the Jews in Cornwall in the 18th and 19th centuries are presented in detail. There are comprehensive family trees, biographies, information from public records, membership of civic organisations such as Freemasonry, and complete translations of Hebrew headstones, which should be of great value to those tracing their own family history.

All of the rabbis known to have served in Falmouth and Penzance have also been identified, some, like Rabbi B. A. Simmons, living in the county for fifty years, and the religious life of the congregations and their struggle to survive is also given extensive coverage.

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