Looking at Europe

As Britain’s relationship with Europe is being realigned, we look at Europe through an Anglo-Jewish historic lense.

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Maurice Woolf studied the London Port Books to examine the foreign trade of London Jews in the Seventh Century. Hidden to wider society, these Marrano Jews are visible in the records by their names; Gomez d’Avila, Gabriel Fernandez, Jeronimo Lopez and Fernando de Mercado.

An equally fascinating piece of research by Richard D. Bennett looks at the diplomatic wars being fought by the English and Portuguese over the exodus of Jewish asylum seekers to England in the early Eighteenth Century.

We also have two articles about Lucien Wolf. The first by Mark Levene, looks at his impact on Anglo-Jewish community’s ‘foreign policy’ that lobbied for the distressed European Jewish communities at the time of the Great War.

Chimen Abramsky takes the story on till his death in 1930. He suggests that Wolf may have been the “Western World’s Ambassador-in-Chief for the Jewish People” but his calls for liberalism and the protection of minorities was clearly beginning to fail.

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