Chief Rabbis and Hahamim

Chief Rabbis

The provincial communities generally affiliated themselves with the Great Synagogue in London and the Rabbi of The Great was acknowledged as their spiritual head. Initially the Rabbi of the Great was not acknowledged as such by the members of the Hambro, but when Hart Lyon became Rabbi of the Great in 1758 it was agreed that henceforward the Rabbi of the Great would be recognised by all Ashkenazi communities as the Chief Rabbi of Jews throughout Britain, and in due course the Empire as well.

1696-1700 Judah Loeb Cohen
1700-1704 Aaron the Scribe of Dublin
1704-1756 Aaron Hart
1758-1764 Hart Lyon
1765-1792 David Tevele Schiff
1802-1842 Solomon Hirschell
1845-1890 Nathan Marcus Adler
1891-1911 Hermann Adler
1913-1946 Joseph Herman Hertz
1948-1965 Israel Brodie (He was knighted in 1969)
1967-1991 Immanuel Jakobovits (He was made a Life Peer in 1988)
1991-2013 Jonathan Sacks (He was knighted in 2005 and created a Life Peer in 2009)
2013- Ephraim Mirvis


1664-1665 Jacob Sasportas
1670-1679 Joshua da Silva
1681-1684 Jacob Abendana
1689-1700 Solomon Ayllon
1701-1728 David Nieto
1732-1740 Isaac Nieto
1744-1751 Moses Gomez de Mesquita
1761-1784 Moses Cohen d’Azevedo
1806-1828 Raphael Meldola
1866-1879 Benjamin Artom
1887-1918 Moses Gaster
1949-1995 Solomon Gaon

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