Winston Churchill and the Jews*

Winston Churchill was among the best friends the Jews ever had as a British political leader. He was a firm and, with some exceptions, absolutely consis? tent supporter of the Jews and of Zionism throughout his lengthy career. As Bernard Wasserstein put it, ‘No British statesman had a more consistent and more emphatic record of support for Zionism as a solution to the Jewish problem than Winston Churchill.’1 The reasons for this lifelong commitment are, however, anything but clear, and the historian can only spell out the facts.

There was no objective reason for Churchill to have been as philo-Semitic as he was. Every so often the rumour arises in anti-Semitic circles that Churchill’s mother, the American Jenny Jerome, was Jewish. One would like to believe this but, regrettably – and unlike the case of Leopold Amery – there is no reason to suppose that it is true, notwithstanding the

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