William Wollaston (1659-1724): English Deist and Rabbinic Scholar

In the year 1724, there appeared in London an anonymous book called ” The Religion of Nature Delineated ” which was to become one of the most successful works of English Deism. It took the form of a letter addressed to ” A. F. Esq.”, and was signed by N. N., to which cryptic signature was appended the equally un revealing Hebrew notarikon NO?. The treatise comprised 218 pages and was written in pellucid and graceful language, setting out its theme under nine main heads. But not content to develop his subject logically and systematically, the author clinched his arguments by innumerable quotations from Latin, Greek, and Hebrew sources in their original texts. He was obviously extremely well versed in the languages and literatures on which he so lavishly drew, and apparently expected his readers to be sufficiently at home in the three learned tongues to appreciate the relevance of

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