Why Anglo-Jewish History?

To say that I consider it a great honour to have been invited to serve once again as your President would be something of a meiosis. I still recall the awe with which as a schoolboy I used to read of the meetings of this august body and of the lectures delivered before it by the giants who were in the land in those days. In my first term in Oxford I saved my pennies (one hundred and twenty-six of them: half a guinea’s worth, that is) and became a student member. That was some 48 years ago: and now, I fear, I have become the Oldest Living Inhabitant, suffering from all the debilities, decrepitude, nostalgia, and retrospective self aggrandisement legendarily associated with that exalted state. I well remember how in the mid-1920s, when Lucien Wolf had been goaded into a resumption of his activities by the pre? sumptuous incursions

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