Were There Jews in Roman Britain?

“Aquae Son’s/’ he repeated, “the best baths in Britain . . . You meet fortune-tellers and goldsmiths, and merchants and philosophers, and feather-sellers, and ultra-Roman Britons, and ultra-British Romans, and tame tribesmen pretending to be civilised, and Jew lecturers, and oh, everybody interesting.”?Kipling, “Puck of Pook’s Hill.”

Kipling had several good intuitions about Roman Britain, and those of novelists frequendy arouse respect. The problem is esoteric to a degree; but let it to be said at once, that if the evidence is slight and disputable, the discussion is worth? while, because it has never been reviewed by a student of Roman Britain; and the result may be to shed a faint but additional ray of light on both the life of the province and the history of the Jewish people.

I divide the subject into two sections : probabilities and evidence. I would emphasize that the probabilities are scientifically demonstrable

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