Weizmann: A new type of leadership in the Zionist movement

I am deeply touched and greatly honoured by the invitation of the Jewish Historical Society to deliver an address on the centenary of Weizmann’s birth, although it is a slightly belated anniversary. Many illustrious people, far more competent and knowledgeable than I?Sir Isaiah Berlin,1 the late Leonard Stein,2 Sir Charles Webster,3 and Abba Eban4?to name but a few, have written, and spoken, on different aspects of Weizmann’s extraordinarily rich life and career.

Weizmann himself wrote a brilliant auto? biography, Trial and Error, a quite out of the ordinary ‘apologia pro vita sua’, which in itself provoked a minor and significant controversy.5 The late Richard Crossman was engaged, during the last years of his life, in writing a definitive life of Weizmann, of which, alas, he was able to publish only a fragment of one chapter.6 I am sure many historians, Jews and non-Jews, will turn their attention to this enormously

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