Vice versa: Samuel Montagu, the first Lord Swaythling*

Samuel Montagu, first Baron Swaythling, was born in Liverpool in 1832, the youngest son of Louis Samuel, whose father had come to London from Kempen, near Posen, in about 1775. Louis Samuel had been born in London, but found his way to Liverpool where his brother Nathan had established himself as a pawnbroker. On a visit to London he met Henrietta Israel, the sister of a friend, whom he married. Louis’s oldest child was Edwin Louis Samuel, father of Sir Stuart Samuel, who became an MP and, later, president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews. Another son was Herbert Samuel, later Viscount Samuel of Mount Carmel and Toxteth. His youngest son was Montagu Samuel. He also had five daughters. Louis, considered a ‘poor relation’, left only £250,000 when he died in 1877, but his son Montagu left more than a million pounds.1 He was sufficiently proud of his

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