Two papal letters on the wearing of the Jewish badge, 1221 and 1229

The two documents which form the subject of this article and which are printed below as an appendix, survive amongst an extensive collection of papal letters, for the most part addressed to the archbishops of Canterbury, copied into the 13th-century archbishopric cartulary, now Lambeth Palace manuscript 1212. Beyond the fact that they escaped the attention of Shlomo Simonsohn in his monumental survey of papal letters relating to Jews, the documents merit publica? tion on two grounds; firstly because they allow us to take a closer look at the means by which the papacy sought to impose restrictions and segregation on Jews, and secondly because they provide valuable evidence of the way in which such papal legislation was implemented by the English Church.1

Both documents relate to the provisions of chapter 68 of the Fourth Lateran Council of 1215, which had insisted that Jews and Saracens be distinguished from Christians by

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