Two notes on Jews on active service

I. The Jewish Labour Corps: a vanished and rediscovered unit of the First World War

In the Public Record Office at Kew, London, file WO 329/2359 (a Medal Roll of the First World War), about forty sheets into the un-numbered pages is a list of 189 names of the Jewish Labour Corps who fought in Gallipoli. Typed along the top of the first page is the comment, ‘Prepared in accordance with War Office letter NW/2/18747 (A.G.4. Medals), 3rd March 1928’ and that the ‘individuals are entitled to The British War Medal (Bronze)’. The pages are signed by Lieut H. Wetherall.

Unusually, attached to the first page are copies of War Office letters which in summary explain that the unit was formed in Egypt separately from the Zion Mule Corps (ZMC) but may have been misnamed as the second battalion of that Corps, and that the army numbers range from 1

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