“Theodore Cyphon.”

Court Minutes, 16 April 1793. [Vol. 102, p. 11.]

On reading several requests.
Ordered . . .

That Mr. Abraham Goldsmid have leave to ship Coral, on the Hillsborough, to the amount of ?600 on the usual terms.

II. “Theodore Cyphon

Cumberland’s play, The Jeiv, appeared in 1794, and two years later was published Theodore Cyphon. The author was George Walker, a bookseller of London and a prolific writer of novels. His works are a curious compound of wild melodramatic incident with comments, often shrewd enough, on social and political actualities.

Theodore Cyphon well represents Walker’s method. The main plot is a tiresome story, told in retrospect, of Theodore’s heroism and misfortunes in several walks of life, from the Minories to Arabia. He ends on the scaffold for an offence which was, in truth, his noblest act of chivalry. In between we have a quite able discussion of the cruelty

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