The Zion Muleteers of Gallipoli, March 1915—May 1916

Lyn McDonald has described the Dardanelles and Gallipoli as the most tragic and most romantic of battlefields. Helen of Troy looked across its straits; Leander swam the Hellespont each night for a tryst with Hero, priestess of Aphrodite, who flung herself into its waters when she discovered he had drowned; in the sixth century BCE the Greeks founded Heliopolis, now Geli bolou, on its shore; Xerxes built a bridge of 300 boats over it in the fifth century BCE before marching on Thermopylae; and a century later Alexander the Great crossed it on his way to conquer India.

The Dardanelles campaign of the First World War, that took place between April 1915 and January 1916 and included the fighting at Gallipoli, was designed to spearhead an Allied invasion through southern Turkey to Istan? bul, to defeat Turkey and in this way release Allied men and resources from the Middle East

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