Under the auspices of the Jewish Historical Society a banquet was given on February 5, 1906, at the Hotel Great Central to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the Whitehall Conference, which fell on December 4,1905. Mr. Lucien Wolf was in the Chair, and there were also present:-

The Chief Rabbi and Mrs. Adler, the Rev. M. and Mrs. Adler, the Rev. L. and Mrs. Geffen, the Rev. Prof. Dr. H. and Mrs. Gollancz, the Rev. S. Levy (Hon. Secretary) and Miss Levy, the Rev. I. and Mrs. Samuel, the Rev. S. and Mrs. Singer, the Rev. D. and Mrs. Wasserzug, the Revs. S. A. Adler, W. Levin, and M. Rosenbaum, the Earl of Crewe (then Lord President of the Council, now Secretary of State for the Colonies), Lord Rothschild, Sir Israel and Lady Hart, Sir Henry and Lady Prim? rose, Sir Isidore and Lady Spielmann, Sir Edward Sassoon, the Hon.

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