The West Metropolitan Jewish School 1845-1897

At a meeting of the Council of Founders of the West London Synagogue of British Jews which was held on 25 March 1844, ‘the necessity of affording education to the choristers and other poor children having been reported by Mr. Marks, a Committee was nominated consisting of Mr. Francis H. Goldsmid, Mr. David Henriques and Mr. Jacob L. Elkin to consider the matter, in conjunction with the Rev. Mr. Marks and Loewy’. This meeting reported to the Council on 23 December 1844 as follows :

‘Your Committee think it needless to enlarge on the importance of the object in view or on its intimate connection with the purposes of the Synagogue, since they conceive that the Council was fully convinced of these things at the time when the Committee was appointed; they therefore proceed at once to point out the measures which appear to them expedient; the expense which these

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