The Selection of Jewish Children’s Names- Some Emendations

1. The Portuguese Jewish naming custom

In my paper ‘New Light on the Selection of Jewish Children’s Names’1 I set out the Portuguese Jewish naming custom. As far as I know this is correctly stated in respect of the first and second child of each sex; in this case, the information culled from seventeenth and eighteenth century genealogies was confirmed by contemporary personal testimony. How? ever, I went astray in respect of the third and fourth children, where I relied on genealogies alone, without the confirmation of personal recollection. The examples I gave all relate to the children of younger sons, and further examination of the evidence shows that in an eldest son’s family the practice was different. The third son of an eldest son was not normally given his great-grandfather’s name. For exam? ple, the children of Raphael de Abraham Mendes da Costa (1742-1788),2 of Amsterdam, were named as

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