The Russian Background of the Anglo-American Jewish Immigration

ON the eve of the First World War nearly half of the Jewish population of this country consisted of recent immigrants from Europe, the great majority of them from Russia and Poland, which then, of course, formed part of the Russian Empire. Mr. Lloyd P. Gartner in his recent study of these fugitives from oppression estimates the total number who reached our shores between 1870 and 1914 at 120,000;* those who found refuge in the United States?which was for most emigrants the first choice?were, of course, many times more numerous. These multitudes, the parents and grandparents of many of us among them, have profoundly affected the intellectual and social life of the Anglo-American world, and in particular Anglo-American Jewry. It is therefore natural that we should show some curiosity about the background of unendurable tyranny from which they fled. Yet, is there much that one can add to a story

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