The Rothschilds and Disraeli in Buckinghamshire

Anglo-Jewry’s contribution to British society has, for the most part, been centred on its urban life-commerce, the professions and the arts. One of the distinctive features of the Rothschild family is its formidable contribution to country life and natural history. The family’s role as a squirearchy still awaits an account worthy of the theme.

This essay is adapted from the Sir Frank Markham Memorial Lecture which the present writer gave to the Bletchley Archaeological and Historical Society in March 1985.((Sir Frank Markham (1897-1975) was a local historian and MP for the Buckingham? shire Division, 1951 to 1964.)) It attempts to cover within a small compass a subject which could justify a volume in its own right and for which this study may serve as a pointer.

By any standard the arrival of the Rothschild family in Buckinghamshire was a remarkable and unusual phenomenon. In parentheses, for the purpose of this

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