The Rev. Michael Adler, D.S.O., S.C.F.,

The task of estimating the life of the Rev. Michael Adler has been allotted to me as one who had the privilege of being a co-adjutant to him in the main spheres of his activities. For thirty years I enjoyed his intimate friendship. During the first World War I served with him as an Army Chaplain on the Western Front. For nearly twenty years we ministered in neighbouring Synagogues, while during the latter part of his life we were closely associated in the work of the Jewish Historical Society of England. And it is by very reason of my full knowledge of his many-sided character that I cannot hope adequately to portray it in this short tribute to his memory.

His qualities were as splendid as they were numerous; as diverse as they were unusual. His interests were wide, yet never shallow; his activities intensive, but never narrow; his achievements

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