The Rev. Dr. Joseph Ghotzner

I believe it is quite some time since your Society, Mr. Chairman, has been addressed on matters Hibernian. If I am not mistaken, this was done last on 4 May 1931, when my friend Mr. Bernard Shillman,1 of Dublin, read a paper on ‘The Jews in Ireland in the Eighteenth Century5, with the late Mr. Gustave Tuck occupying your seat. Mr. Shillman has since published this and other papers in a little volume under the title of A Short History of the Jews in Ireland. This book, as well as the more direct contacts I had with him recently, were of great assistance to me in my researches into the history of the Jewish community in Belfast, and I gratefully acknowledge his kindness. Another historian of Irish Jewry is Mr. Louis Hyman, of Haifa, whose manuscript ‘History of the Jews in Ireland5 I was fortunate enough to be able to

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