The reinterment of members of the Mendes da Costa family, 1713

In 1684 Abraham Zagache compiled a census of the Portuguese Jewish community in which he listed several families as ‘Portuguese who are not circumcised’.1 Among these were Antonio Mendes, his son Dr Fernando Mendes and his son-in-law Alvaro da Costa. In December 1712 their three eldest sons presented the following petition in Portuguese to the Gentlemen of the Mahamad. The text, in Minute Book MS 103, reads as follows in literal translation from the Portuguese:

Sres Parnasim and Sr Gabay [Treasurer] of this Holy Congregation, which God increase. We the undersigned represent to you that having laid several of our deceased relatives in a place [territorio] far from the common Bethahaim of Milend and desiring to transfer them, as was always our intention, to the burial place of our relatives and brethren in the said Milend decently, in London the 10 Dec[ember] 1712. We request that you may be pleased

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