The Peace Banquet

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The Peace Banquet.

A large gathering, representative of all sections of the community, assembled on Thursday, January 22,1920, in order to celebrate the Peace and to do honour to the Semi-Jubilee of the Society (1893-1918). The Rt. Hon. the Earl of Reading, then Lord Chief Justice of England, presided, and he was supported by many notabilities, including the Lord Chancellor and the American Ambassador.

The names of those who were present are as follows :

Mrs. Abrahams, Mr. A. Abrahams, Mr. and Mrs. Alphonse Abrahams, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur A. Abrahams, Dr. and Mrs. I. Abrahams, Mr. Neville Abrahams, Mr. E. N. Adler, Mr. Herbert M. Adler, Rev. M. Adler, The American Ambassador, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Angell, Mr. J. M. Ansell, Mr. and Mrs. J. Aronstein, Mr. and Mrs. D. Assersohn.

Mr. and Mrs. M. Behr, Mrs. Baron, Mr. M. Barrasch, Mr. and Mrs. R. Barro Sicree, Mr. and Mrs. Albert I. Belisha, Mr. Jack Bell, Mr. and Mrs. S. Beloff, Mr. and Mrs. E. Benjamin, Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Benjamin, Mr. Herbert Bentwich, Mr. and Mrs. Norman Bent wich, Mr. I. Bibousif, Lord Birkenhead (The Lord Chancellor), Mr. and Mrs. S. Blooman, Mr. Max J. Bonn, Viscount Burnham.

Mr. I. Cansino, Mr. L. Cansino, Mrs. Caselberg, Mr. M. Cash, Mr. and Mrs. Magnus Castello, The Chinese Minister, Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Claff, Mr. Dennis Cohen, Captain and Mrs. D. H. Cohen, Miss Geraldine Cohen, Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Cohen, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Cohen, Mr. Israel Cohen, Mr. and Mrs. P. L. Cohen, Major and Mrs. J. B. Cohen, M.P., Mr. and Mrs. R. Waiey Cohen, Mr. Saville Cohen, Mr. and Mrs. Sidney H. Cohen, Mr. and Mrs. S. Cohen, Mr. and Mrs. M. Corcos, Mr. J. Curtis, Mr. H. J. Coburn, Miss Coburn.

Daily Chronicle, Daily News, Daily Telegraph, General and Mrs. Perry Davey, Mr. and Mrs. A. Davis, Miss Winifred Davis, Miss Ruth Davis, Rev. B. O'Doherty, Mrs. J. Dreyfus, Mr. Trevor Dreyfus, Miss Hilda Dutch. Dr. and Mrs. M. Dutch, Dr. and Mrs. S. Daiches.

Mr. 0. Eckers, Mr. and Mrs. A. Edelstem, Dr. and Mrs. Epstein, Mr. and Mrs. S. Epstein, Mr. and Mrs. H. Espir, Mr. F. Emanuel.

Mr. and Mrs. Max Falk, Dayan and Mrs. Feldman, Mr. B. A. Fersht, Miss Fersht, Mr. Harry Flatau, Mr. and Mrs. S. Flatau, Mr. and Mrs. S. Flem? inger, Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Fless, Miss Gregory Fostsr, Sir Gregory Foster, Mrs. F. S. Franklin, Mr. E. L. Franklin, Miss B. Fraser, Mr. and Mrs. I. Fraser, Mr. J. Fraser, Mr. Joseph Fraser, Mr. M. Fraser, Mr. and Mrs. Fredman, Mr. M. Fredman, J.P., Captain and Mrs L. Freedman, Mr. and Mrs. A. Freedman, Mr. and Mrs. 1. Freedman, Mrs. B. Friedlander, Dr. I. Friedlander.

Haham Dr. and Mrs. Gaster, Mr. E. Gehr, The Globe, Mr. and Mrs. B. S. Gluckstein, Mr. and Mrs.

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