The Origins of the Jews’ Free School

ON 13th September, 1814, 28th day of Ellul, there was held the most momentous meeting in the history of the Talmud Torah of the Great Synagogue, entitled in Hebrew yitffl wmm ttmp ?rtjrr mm Tl??m rmn. There were present Mr. Samuel Joseph, a vice-president who took the chair in the absence of the president Dr. Hart Myers, and also Joseph Cohen, Joshua Van Oven, A. Joseph and Walter Nathan.

The meeting was important for two reasons. Firstly it received a letter of resigna? tion from Dr. Hart Myers of the Presidency of the Talmud Torah. In flowery language, it paid tribute to “great services to this charity for a great number of years” and begged him “not to withdraw his protection and sanction from an institution he had so long cherished”.2

The meeting next considered a report submitted by Joshua Van Oven which deserves to be quoted in extenso. “Your

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