The Origin of the Canterbury “Treaty” of 1266

(General Note).

The information from the East India Company’s Records is included by the courtesy of the India Office.

Sincere thanks are due to Mr. Wilfred S. Samuel for many valuable suggestions in connection with this Paper.

A number of the wills mentioned were traced by means of Mr. Arthur P. Arnold’s hand-list.

Lucien Wolf’s notes on the Jews in India were found of considerable assistance on account of their indication of a number of sources of information.

8 The Origin of the Canterbury “Treaty” of 1266.

The Rev. Michael Adler, in his Paper on the Jews of Canterbury (Transactions, vii, 19-96) reproduces the text of a remarkable Treaty entered into among themselves by the Jews of Canterbury in 1266,1 whereby the inhabitants of the town bound themselves by oath not to permit a Jew of unsatisfactory character from any other town to settle in their midst, and he rightly

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