The Norwich Day-Book is the name given by Jacobs and Wolf, Bibliotheca Anglo-Judaica, xviii., to four rolls preserved in the Muniment Room at Westminster Abbey, which contain the trans? actions of the Norwich Jewish Exchequer day by day for the years 9-11 Hen. III. The documents are mentioned in the Historical MSS. Commission, Fourth Report, Appendix, p. 182, and have hitherto been officially known as Nos. 140, 145, 147, and 157 ; these numbers being written in dorso of each in pencil. But according to Dr. Scott’s new catalogue now in process of making, they become Nos. 6686, 6687, 6673, and 9013 respectively. Dr. Scott describes No. 140 as follows: ” Register of bonds for loans due from Christians to Jews, December to April, 10 H. III.”?a description equally adequate for the remaining rolls, though the points in which No. 157 differs from the others will be noted later.

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