The Northampton Jewry and its Cemetery in the Thirteenth Century

The remarks which I ofler on the Northampton Jewry and its cemetery in the thirteenth century, as they stand revealed in a Latin and Hebrew charter, must be in the nature of an interim report; for it is only a fortnight since the document became the property of the British Museum. We are indebted for it to Mr. Trelawney Dayrell Reed, a good friend. He tells me that the charter was given to him in 1909 by the late Charles Scott Moncrieff, the translator of Proust, who, at a modest ouday of twopence, had retrieved it from a barrow in an Edinburgh street. 44 Sorting through things a few months ago,” adds Mr. Dayrell-Reed, 441 came across it”. My aim this afternoon is to persuade you that this document, hitherto so lightly esteemed, is worthy of your serious consideration. In one respect my task should be easy. Using the word

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