The Northampton “Donum” of 1194

I3. The Northampton “Donum” of 1194.

On the return of Richard I from the Crusade and his subsequent captivity, the Jews of England contributed to a tallage which was arranged at Northampton in the year 1194. The importance of the record of the payments made cannot be doubted, for it provides details as to the Jews resident in various parts of England at the end of the twelfth century, and gives a valuable clue as to the relative importance of many individuals. Some portions of the record have been published. Thus the entries relating to Cambridge may be found in Dr. H. P. Stokes* Studies in Anglo- JeivishH istory (pp. 248-9); while those which refer to Canterbury and Kent are printed in theA ppendix to theR ev. M. Adler’s paper on the Jews of Canterbury (pp. 74-5 of vol. vii. of Transactions of the Jewish Historical Society).

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