The Middle Period of Anglo-Jewish History (1290-1655) Reconsidered

The Jewish Historical Society could have bestowed on me no greater honour than it has done by electing me to preside over its destinies and deliberations, for the eighth time, in this memorable year when we are to celebrate the Tercentenary of the Resettle? ment of the Jews in this country. The honour is enhanced by the fact that I now succeed in this chair one of the most eminent of British medievalists. It seems to me appropriate therefore that in this Presidential Address I should take Anglo-Jewry of the Middle Ages as my point of departure and lead up to the period of the Resettlement: that is to say, that I should attempt to reassess, in readiness for the Tercentennial lectures which will be delivered from this platform and others throughout the country, what Lucien Wolf its first investigator?happily termed the ‘Middle Period’ of Anglo-Jewish history, intervening between the

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