The look of the Irish: Irish Jews and the Zionist project, 1900—48

In a 1961 letter, Arthur Lourie, the veteran Zionist and at the time Israel’s ambassador in London, noted that CI am well aware of the significant role which Irish Jewry has always played in the history of Zionism’.1 What Lourie then took for granted is, however, little known or appreciated now. The most recent major books dealing with the history of Irish Jewry, writ? ten by two of Ireland’s leading academics – Dermot Keogh’s Jews in Twentieth Century Ireland and Cormac O Grk&iL s Jewish Ireland in the Age of Joyce2 ? barely address the significance of Zionism to Irish Jewish life. Even the Israeli academic Shulamit Eliash’s The Harp and Shield of David: Ireland, Zionism and the State of Israel,3 focuses on high-level diplomacy between Irish political and religious leaders and their Zionist/Israeli coun? terparts, rather than on the everyday Zionist efforts inside the small community.

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