The London Jewry: William I to John

The history of the English medieval Jewry extends from the years immediately following the Norman Conquest to Iz90. The topography, character and vicissi- tudes of the London Jewry from the reign of John to the general expulsion of I z9o have already been reviewed in the previous volume of }eu’ish Studies, referred to as Part I below.((J. Brnaby, _London: the I3th-century Jewry revisited Trans]HSE XXXII (I990-2) 89- 158. An important article published in 1993 by John Schofield et al. _Medieval Building and Property Development in the Area of Cheapside Trans London Middlesex Archaeological Soc 41 (1990) 39-237 should be added to the references given in n. 3 of the above.)) What foHows is a consideration of the earlier period.

For the I3th century a wide range of primary sources is available. These include such great series of state records as the Charter Rolls, the Close and Patent Rolls, the

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