The London Get of 1287

It is the natural and unvarying practice of the mediaeval codifiers and authors of ritual com? pendia to include in the laws of divorce a blank formula of a valid Bill of Divorce.1 R. Jacob ben Judah, the Hazzan of London, is no exception. In his Etz Hayyim2 he faithfully copies out the blank formula for divorce as given by Maimonides.3 But having done that, he adds, ‘And the following is the formula of a Get according to the custom of our Rabbis at the present day’, and proceeds to give the text of a Get, incidentally written out in the square script of a Scribe instead of the cursive hand which he employs for the rest of the manuscript. It is this Get which is the subject of this paper. This Bill of Divorce given by R. Jacob the Hazzan of London differs in one striking respect from all

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