The Letters of Israel Abrahams from Egypt and Palestine in 1898*

The opportunity for me to contribute some small items to the fund of Anglo-Jewish history came my way in an unexpected manner.

In November 1959 there died my mother, herself a piece of Anglo-Jewish history. After her death, I was occupied for many months in clearing up the mass of paper which she had accumulated, for she had never, I believe, thrown away a single piece of paper since her marriage in 1894. The day came when I turned my attention to my mother’s writing case, of mahogany, about two feet high, with the initials F.A. in brass on the front. I fiddled about with the partitions, and released the spring of a secret drawer. On top lay my mother’s cheque-book for the year 1898; and underneath this lay a roll of letters, written by my father to my mother during his visit to Egypt and Palestine in the same

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