The Lehman—Goldsmid Litigation

12. The Lehman-Goldsmid Litigation.

The litigation between Mr. Lehman and the executors of Dr. Falk’s will, referred to in Mr. Gordon P. G. Hill’s paper (Transactions Jewish Hist. Soc, viii. pp. 122 seq.), was of a somewhat complicated character. Although it was afterwards alleged that the will and codicil had been obtained by undue influence, no proceedings seem to have been taken to prevent the Probate or recall it when it had been granted. Probate was accordingly granted by the Ecclesiastical Courts, which before 1857 had jurisdiction over these matters, to the three executors named by Dr. Falk.

But of these Aaron Goldsmid died before there had been time to commence the duty of administering the estate, leaving George Goldsmid and Lyon de Symons the surviving executors.

Against them Lehman made a claim to a large sum of money, which he estimated as something between ?15,000 and .?20,000, as money

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