The Jews of London and the Great Plague (1665)

Of their earlier counterparts, however, only the Polish Synagogue has survived till our own day, to recall the crowded, intense Jewish life in London under George III.12

Cecil Roth.

12 Another opportunity will be required to deal with the Jewish Friendly Societies of Georgian London. The following may be mentioned here: ” Path of Peace ” (1782), ” Path of Righteousness ” (1790), ” Path of Rectitude ” (1816). “Brotherly Love ” (Laws, 1797). The history of the RodpM Shalom Society is given in Miscellanies, ii, 90/98. The activities of these bodies formerly included the recital of prayers in the house of mourners and on certain other occasions, and their early history ran parallel to those of the minor congregations mentioned in the foregoing pages. The Hebra Maarib biZemanah Oheb Shalom (founded about 1790, and established at the close of the last century at 9 Sandy’s Row, Bishopsgate) was an

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